FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB Represents at the Thanksgiving Parade.
Thanks to Tim, Christina and friends for being there as always.
Thanks to Harold for upgrading our float by bringing his new truck and himself to the parade.
Thanks to Arthur, who not only brought the frontiersman authenticity of Daniel Boone to our parade but also feed us well from his cooler.
Thanks to Pat, who was not as ugly as Abe but otherwise played the part well.
Pat is quoted as saying to “Donald Trump” don’t stand too close to me I have been assassinated once already!
Thanks to Tom McGraw, who volunteered late to join the team as a spitting image of Teddy Roosevelt.

December Meeting:

The annual Christmas Party will be December 14th with conservative radio personality Mike Broomhead as the keynote speaker. As usual, it will include a potluck breakfast.   

Looking ahead:
Our January 18, 2020 meeting will feature our 3 state legislators and the annual white elephant auction.  The February 15, 2020 meeting will feature 3 of our Fountain Hills Town Council members.    Our Republican US Senator Martha McSally has accepted an invitation to be our March speaker.  Starting in April, we will start featuring candidates for County office and others up for election in 2020.  Put these events on your calendar now and plan on attending them all.

Here is a fun throw back picture from 1996.

Congratulations FHRC!

The attachment, thanking the donors to the First Responders Christmas Tree was on page 8A of the July 10th edition of the Fountain Hills Times. Our club was recognized for its contribution.  We did not see any other political organization mentioned. 

Congratulations to the FHRC for support to the greater community.



Lookie over there 👉👉 FULL SPEECH 2020 Campaign Kickoff!
Your friends won’t need GOOGLE if you send them to YOUR WEBSITE!

We’re gonna party like it’s 1776.

In case you haven’t noticed…

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