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Many folks in Arizona may not have heard much from Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently, however, large crowds from around the country have still been flocking to hear from “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

We had a great meeting with about 119 people in attendance and Sheriff Joe as the keynote speaker. 

In his talk Joe Arpaio drew from his 55 years of experience in law enforcement. Back in the 60s he was fighting pitched battles in Turkish and in Mexican mountains against international drug traffickers? In the Phoenix Gazette, upon Joe’s “retirement”, an article began, “After 30 years of busts, breaks and scuffles Joe Arpaio’s professional history looks like a season of episodes of Magnum P.I.”

These experiences are from the life of a lad from Massachusetts, who lost his mother in childbirth, then moved around to various family households. Upon graduation from HS, just as the Korean War was breaking out, he immediately enlisted in the US Army.

On being discharged from the Army he entered the Washington D.C. police force. While conducting traffic control on the day of President Eisenhower’s Inauguration in 1956 he was pulled off that duty to carry the flag to lead the Presidential Inauguration Parade.

So, has Joe Arpaio retired yet again? Not likely! He, along with his wife Ava of 61 years, have invested in four ventures in Fountain Hills. He works 14 hours a day and is in the process of writing his third book. He may not run for office again but he still believes he has much to offer the country that he loves so much.