April 20, 2019 – Club Meeting – Speaker Dr. Kelli Ward – Chair of the Arizona Republican Party

Dr. Kelli Ward, Chairman of the Republican Party of Arizona addressed the Fountain Hills Republican Club 

Easter week and a packed house at the Community Center. An energetic and engaged audience were there to hear the Chairman of the Republican Party of Arizona, Dr. Kelli Ward, as she laid out her extensive plans for leading the Party to success in 2020. The Chairman’s first task was to recruit a powerful, elite team of staff and she had the luxury of having 100 individuals applying for each position. The State Headquarters has been converted from being an empty shell to become an elegant, welcoming establishment where arty members can meet and greet each other. Dr. Ward expressed the importance of Republicans becoming actively involved as Precinct Committeemen or as members of the Trump Committee, (for more information contact Chris Brant 480-837-9725). There is a need for volunteers to network and funnel information to the entire electorate. No corner of the state will be neglected, the Party will challenge for every elected office. The Party will continue aggressively exposing false statements by the radical left. Along with this strategy, disillusioned Democrats, who have been left behind by their party’s blatant socialists will be recruited. The Chairman shared that the party has already been reaching out to all quarters and use of social media has increased by 7,000 percent since January. Classes presenting the effective use of social media are being planned. The Chairman has made many steps to unify the party, demonstrating the importance of working together and building relationships to create a cohesive team. Dr. Ward shared that the coffers are filling, there being more donors in February and March then in any quarter in 2018 and twice as many donors in April as in any month in 2018. Further the Chairman explained that funding is important and offered the audience different ways that they could help. Dr. Ward not only answered questions from the floor but stayed afterward for forty minutes to meet attendees and address further questions. Many other elected officers were in attendance and had the opportunity to address those present. A new face on the scene was Austin Smith, the Chairman, Maricopa County Young Republicans. Austin, who spoke to the group on his 24th Birthday. He was most impressive, and will be actively registering voters and spreading the Republican message far and wide, especially among the millennial generation. 

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Arizona GOP Chairman Kelli Ward is our keynote speaker this Saturday, April 20, at 9:00 A.M., at the Fountain Hills Community Center, (13001 N. La Montana Dr, FH 85268). 

Since being elected to her office in January Dr. Ward has brought much energy and positive leadership to the position. She has been very accessible, reaching out in all directions to reunite the Party. Over the past few years, due to her extensive travel throughout Arizona, she brings to the table a strong understanding of grassroots politics and issues in every corner of the state. This will be a great asset to the Party as the 2020 elections draw near.


This is an important time in the history of our state and our country. Everyone is welcome to attend this weekend for this meeting. All you members are encouraged to bring friends and family.  The club welcomes all to come, listen and participate in the discussion.  Registration and social period will begin at 8:30 A.M. Coffee and light breakfast snack  refreshments will be served free of charge.   

Kelli Ward Flyer