Edith Stock: 2019 Fountain Hills Republican of the Year

Edith Stock’s journey on the road to receiving the 2019 Fountain Hills Republican of the Year Award

The immediate Past President of the FH School Board and local Republican activist Edith Stock was recognized recently at the Fountain Hills Republican Club’s meeting as a very worthy recipient of the 2019 Fountain Hills Republican of the Year. The only one surprised was Edith herself.

Politics has been an important part of Edith’s life from a very early age. Her mother always worked the polls and nearly all of Edith’s large, extended family would gather after church at G’ma’s for lunch and for an afternoon/evening of entertainment. This entertainment would would often include well spiced “discussions” of the latest political happenings. Edith found these sessions especially interesting and as the only child in the group for nine years she had little else to distract her from listening.

At the time, in Casper Wyoming, right after the Great Depression, the discussion centered around the Democrat Party. Nearly all of these fine folk were devoted Democrats! As a grade schooler Edith recalled linking arms with classmates on election day and marching about the building chanting, “Roosevelt, Roosevelt, he’s my man!  I can’t vote but my daddy can!” Edith Stock, along with her family members, would huddle around the radio during the Parties’ Political Conventions and listen to every word of every speaker’s broadcast.

Richard Stock’s relatives were also all Democrats so he and Edith both were registered as Democrats too. Then the young couple moved to California when Jerry Brown Sr. was Governor.  The young couple that lived next door to them had been brought in from New York to assist Gov. Brown in some affairs that ‘required the service of a crack lawyer.’  This couple and the Stocks had many discussions about what was going on in the Democrat Party at that time.  Edith and Richard were absolutely shocked to learn what the Democrat Party actually was all about!

Edith realized that, “All those folks back in Wyoming had NO IDEA what the Party really stood for.” Edith added that, “Our Wyoming families were hard core Republicans and just didn’t know it!” When they informed their relatives that they had changed their registration to Republican and were becoming active in the Party this caused huge concerns about Edith and Richard’s sanity. The Stocks tried to educate their family members, but they made little headway. 

Now as a teacher in a California High School Edith Stock was so adamant that all the students learn about how Candidates are selected she set up a “Convention” that involved the entire student body in the selection of Candidates for class offices.  It was a smashing success. 

Edith recalled that when she went to college late in life she was in a mandatory social studies class at the time Barry Goldwater was running for President.  She hated to write papers and when the professor told the class, “If you ‘take a precinct’ you don’t have to write any papers for me”.  So, she hopped on that right away!  Edith went to Republican Headquarters in Livermore, California and told them she’d take what they had, not knowing diddly about what that meant.  Her boys were big enough to help her canvass the Democrat leaning Precinct she was given, so she and her sons went door to door weekly talking to folks about candidates. Votes were hand counted then so she sat with the poll workers all night watching the count continue.  This experience she felt was the very best education about how dedicated Americans preserve our wonderful US system. The precinct went Republican that year even though the head of the Democrat Party lived there!  Edith said that she earned far more than she ever would have researching and writing a dull paper!

After the Stocks retired they moved to Fountain Hills; immediately becoming members of the Fountain Hills Republican Club, bringing all that passion, drive and energy along with them. Edith and Richard have given great service to the town’s Republican Club always there to volunteer and help. Edith has been particularly active. Among her many achievements she initiated a program for the Fountain Hills Republican Club to award College or Trade School scholarships to worthy adults and/or High School students. Most recently the initiative expanded to award a monetary grant to a down-town Phoenix School District that has many needy, underprivileged students. Education has always been close to Edith’s heart. Prior to her being elected to the Fountain Hills School Board and doing an outstanding job, especially as its President, Edith served with distinction on the Fountain Hills Republican Club’s Executive Board.

Upon her hearing of the announcement of her being named Republican of the Year Edith said, “It was a total surprise, as I so enjoy all the activities; recognition was unnecessary.” She added, “We’ve found the nicest, most dedicated American friends within this group that we treasure.”

Richard and Edith have a large, wonderful, close family and though not all their children, or grandchildren are Republicans they have developed the same “discussion” sessions that Edith recalls as a child.  Edith concluded that, “With good humor we poke at each other at times but there’s never any rancor. As good Republicans we remind our offspring that we value personal independence and logical thinking over blind faithfulness to any Party.”

Congratulations Edith Stock for all you do!